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About CSE Department

The fundamental aim of the faculty is to provide academic, professional and research support for students by designing & developing educational programmes that contribute the effective learning & critical thinking with theoretical and practical knowledge about the sustainably developing field of Computer Science & Engineering.

The discipline is one of the most leading and demanding professional careers in today’s era. It involves designs, supports and operations of computer software / hardware systems. Here the Computer Science programme of RPS Group of Institutions provides a balanced blend of software and hardware learning experiences, founded on solid mathematics and science with a definite engineering flavour, and hands on experience with the latest equipments in our laboratories. The department also highlights diversified areas of computer science such as programming, algorithms, hardware, software, testing, networking and simulation ranging from elementary to upper intermediate levels. For practical orientation, highly advanced research laboratories have been installed with the latest configured computer machines.  

In addition, the department focuses on two dimensions of knowledge: firstly, it aims to enable the students for essential knowledge of Computer Applications and Information Technology, with extensive practical training, that does require assimilating into the industry, corporate and higher technical education. Secondly, it aims to establish a strong teaching and research environment that promotes the creation of computing knowledge and invention of new technologies. Further, it takes people with raw talent and intellect, fosters them in our environment through immersion in research and learning and produces well-educated researchers and leaders.