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1)  RPS Memorial Scholarship for Meritorious Students

In order to promote academic excellence , meritorious students seeking admission in RPSGOI are awarded Rao Pahlad Singh Memorial Scholarship.

Scholarship will not be continued if the scholar does not secure atleast 80% marks in the following year.

Ceriteria of Scholarship: 

  • 95% and above - 100% tuition fee free
  • 90% to 94% - 50% tuition fee free
  • 85% to 89% - 25% tuition fee free
  • 80% to 84% - 10% tuition fee free

Apart from the above mentioned schloarship the meritorious students who performed well and got top ranks in the University Examinations, are also awarded with the scholarship as per their secured percentage.

2. Prime Minister's Scholarship for the ward of EX_SEVICEMEN

3. Post Metric Scholarship(PMS) for SC/ST Students

4. Scholarship for Branchwise Top Rankers taking admission through HSTES



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