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Rules & Regulations

1) The institute expects its students to be responsible who seeks advice when they need it but they are also capable of managing their own affairs.

2) The faculty assumes that all students come to the institute for a serious purpose and that they will conform cheerfully to such regulations as may necessarily be made by the Faculty. The director or the affiliating University from time to time checks the efficient administration of the Institute.

3) Students are expected to behave with decorum, to obey the regulations of the institute and to pay due respect to members of the staff.

4) Unethical or undesirable conduct, which is inconsistent with general good order, wherever it may occur, will be held to the sufficient ground for dismissal.

5) It is each student's own responsibility to keep himself/herself informed of all the official notices displayed on the college notice board.

6) Students are required to attend with regularity the course for which they have entered. For absence due to illness or some other genuine cause, a written application countersigned by the guardian/Hostel Superintendent should at once be sent to the Director.

7) Attendance will be taken for each lecture and practical class. Any student arriving late for a lecture or practical will not be considered as having attended that class.

8) Students who fail to attend at least 75% of the full course of lectures and practical in each of the subjects will not be eligible to appear for the University Examination.

9) It is the aim of faculty to administer discipline in the institute so as to maintain high standards of integrity and a scrupulous regard for the truth. The attempt of any student to present any work, which he/she has not honestly performed himself/herself, or to pass any examination with improper means is regarded as a most serious offence and renders the offender liable to immediate expulsion. Aiding and abetting of a student in any dishonest way will be taken as a grave breach of discipline.

10) In case of damage to any building or to furniture, apparatus or other property of the institute, the same will be charged from the students known to be immediately concerned, but if the person(s) who cause damage are unknown the cost of repairing may be charged equally from all the students of the batch, class or hostel, as the case may be.

11) The students should maintain proper discipline and order in the College. They should move silently while shifting from one class to another, without disturbing the other classes.

12) Cell phones & Smoking within the College/Hostel premises or in the Student's Mess are strictly prohibited.