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The scientifically advanced and technology savvy human society is witnessing new dimension of engineering and Technology. A prosperous future With ample opportunities is at the door step for the entire humanity where in, Fusions of science and engineering catalyzed by ethics and values shall evolve a highly knowledgeable and developed human society. The main requisite for success in developing human society is not the maturity of knowledge associated with age and experience but the innovative and creative thinking which is the natural attribute of youth.

We at RPS Group of Institutions groom the student such that they develop the ability to apply the knowledge of the sciences and engineering to design system or processes to meet the needs of the developed society by imparting professional education in engineering and management which is comparable to the global benchmarks. The emphasis is on the entrepreneurship so that the graduates and postgraduates are motivated to set up their own industries, which is the need of the country.

I assure the prospective students and their parents that excellent learning environment and training facilites will help the students in becoming successful professionals in their future career.

Dr. Mahesh Kumar Yadav