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IQC NOTES  Download
Modern Quality Notes  Download
Hydraulic Notes  Download
Condensers and Cooling Towers  Download
Repairing  Download
Cross Drainage Work  Download
Hydraulic Structure2  Download
Drainage  Download
Tube Well Irrigation  Download
Material and Store Management  Download
Ordinary Differential Equation      Download
Wages and Insentive Scheme    Download
Remaining Pert of chapter 5    Download
EVS    Download
Lubrication                                   Download
Sewer Appurtenances                 Download
sewage system    Download
Store Management    Download
Budget    Download
Basics of Accounting    Download
Single Purchase Winch Crab    Download
Double Purchase Winch Crab    Download
Foundation Bolts                         Download
Estimation of Machine shop    Download
Cutting Speed    Download
Tenses    Download
Writing skills    Download
Bearing Notes    Download
Pahse and Equ. Notes    Download
Simple Wheel and Axel Notes    Download
Stream Notes    Download

Water Turbine and Pump



Westren Differential and

Pully Block Notes

Casting and Welding Notes        Download
Differential Wheel and Axle     Download
Drilling Notes                              Download
Keys and Cotter Notes    Download
Metrology Notes    Download