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Laboratories of Applied Science

Applied Science Deptt Labs

Chemistry Lab:

Chemical engineers apply the principles of Chemistry to devise processes and systems for manufacture. The expected outcome of a laboratory course is to enable the student to connect the theories to practise. The laboratory experience has held its significance in the overall development of a chemical engineer. One of our key missions is to generate bulk human resource of unmatchable quality and recognition. The department is adequately equipped with the latest instruments known and required to carry out modern day chemistry. The students are provided a comprehensive practical exposure to the various instrumental techniques required for their research.

Language Lab:

The Language Lab is established with a concern to enable the budding Engineers to face the challenges of corporate world successfully. Since Communication Skills assist the students not only in studies but also in getting desired employment, Language Lab is the platform where needful steps are taken and appropriate methodologies are applied for grooming the students in all the four main facets of English language – Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking. The emphasis however is on Spoken Skills in English. The students therefore are exposed to various needful traits essential for getting their preferred job – Personal Communication, Professional Communication, Group Discussion, Debate, Extempore, Oral and PowerPoint Presentation, Public Speaking and the Personal Interview for the HR round of a placement drive. Apart from training the students in the classroom and the Language Lab, various other activities are also conducted like organizing Expert Lectures by the speakers from the institutions and the industries of repute from time to time. The recordings of such lectures are saved in the Language Lab for the utilization of the existing and the new students as well. The Language Lab therefore aids the Engineering students sharpening their Soft Skills and thereby developing their overall personality for personal and professional success.

Physics Lab:

Physics is the study of nature which is demonstrated at Engineering Physics Laboratory. Engineering Physics Laboratory imparts the necessary theoretical knowledge and technical skill for all the budding Engineers of RPSCET to handle the precision tools and electronic gadgets, electrical circuit, optical apparatus as well as mechanical systems there by lying the foundation stone for the future technocrats in the practice of their professions. The basic focus in the Engineering Physics Laboratory is to develop scientific temper and encourage students to innovate in diverse technical areas for better understanding of technical and engineering problems. Students will attend labs where they will see principle of Physics in action. The Engineering Physics Laboratory at RPS is well ventilated at 1st floor, inclusive of a separate dark room for the optical experiments.