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Laboratories of Management Dept

Departmental Labs :

The Department offers training in front end and back end technologies in the field of Information Technology through an elaborate set of laboratories which are fully air-conditioned connected with servers. All the computer systems configured with Intel Processors with genuine Windows –XP Professional and Linux Operating Systems. Following are the Management labs:-

Multimedia Technologies Lab

In Multimedia Technologies Lab, students perform various programs related to images, sound and video. Students perform animation techniques like morphing, reflection and create multimedia files using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash Professional.


In this lab, students study how to design a database using Oracle 10g. They perform all the Database Operation including creation of tables, joining of two tables, deletion of table and other various queries.

Internet Lab

In this lab, students learn how to make a web page containing the information. It provides a platform for the students who want to make their career in field of Web Design. Students perform programming in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

E-Commerce Lab

In the bustling E-commerce lab, students immerse themselves in the dynamic world of online commerce. From crafting sleek user interfaces to optimizing backend databases, every click and transaction is a lesson in real-world business dynamics. Here, innovation intersects with consumer behavior, empowering future entrepreneurs to navigate the digital marketplace with confidence.