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Department of Civil Engineering
List of Activities/Industrial Visits/Seminars/Expert Lectures

S.No Name of the Event Date
1 Expert Lecture on “Software programming in civil Engineering” 21/04/2023
2 Industrial Visit to “STP Ateli” 17/06/2022
3 Deepawali celebration 22/10/2022
4 Geological field trip to “Doshi Hills” 19/11/2022
5 Survey Camp to Madavgarh Hills 21/11/2022
6 An Expo visit to “Bauma Construction Equipment” 02/02/2023
7 Visit to “Water & Waste Expo, Delhi” 17/02/2023
8 Visit to “Bhakra Dam & Ganguwal Powerhouse” 19/03/2023
9 Expert Lecture on “Industrial Expectations from Freshers” 24/03/2023
10 Expert Lecture on “Pavement Repair & Rehabilitation” 29/03/2023
11 Felicitation programme 07/04/2023
12 Farewell Party 28/04/2023

Departmental Activities Record
Department of Civil Engineering



(Techno Blaze/Cultural/Sports/Recreational/Food & fun Odyssey Events Series)

(5TH/6TH /7THAPRIL 2023)


(FEBRUARY 24th-25th, 2023)

Rao Pahlad Singh College of Eng. & Technology, Balana, Mahendergarh, Haryana (India)-123029

(Visit to Bhakra Dam & Ganguwal Power House (19thMar, 2023 to 21st Mar, 2023)

On March 19, 2023, a group of students from the Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering departments, along with faculty members, embarked on an industrial visit to Bhakra Dam and Ganguwal Powerhouse. The visit was intended to provide students with practical exposure to the operation and maintenance of large-scale hydraulic structures and power generation facilities. The group departed from RPS GOI Campus at 8:15 AM and arrived in Punjab at 5:00 PM. After checking into Mata Naina Devi Temple for the night, the group visited Bhakra Dam and Ganguwal Powerhouse the following morning. Although the students were not allowed to enter the premises of the Bhakra Dam, they were able to see it from a distance and observe its spillways, which were in operation at the time of the visit. This provided the students with a glimpse of the dam's hydraulic and operational characteristics and how it manages to control and utilize the water resources of the region. The group also visited the Ganguwal Powerhouse and had the opportunity to see the power generation process. ,
Later in the day, the group visited Anandpur Sahib Gurudwara, a holy place for the Sikh community. The students learned about the rich history and culture associated with the gurudwara and were impressed by its grandeur. Next during evening, the group visited Sukhna Lake, a serene and picturesque lake located in Chandigarh. The students enjoyed a boat ride and had a relaxing time amidst the natural beauty of the place. At the end of the visit during night, the group visited Elante Mall in Chandigarh, where the students had the opportunity to explore and enjoy the amenities of the modern shopping complex. The group then travelled back to the campus and arrived at 8:30 AM the next morning.
Overall, the industrial visit provided the students with a great learning experience and an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world situations. They were able to see the practical aspects of large-scale hydraulic structures, power generation facilities, and historical and cultural sites. The visit was also an enjoyable and memorable experience for the students, and they appreciated the efforts made by the faculty members to organize and coordinate the trip.

An Expo visit to “Bauma Construction Equipment” held at Noida on 02/02/2023

The Bauma Construction Equipment Expo was held at Knowledge Park II, Noida on 02/02/2023. Th/e expo was attended by Assistant Professors; Mr. Sajad Bhat, Mr. Sandeep Yadav, Mr. Vikas Sharma, and Mr. Karamveer who work at RPSCET.
The expo showcased a wide range of construction equipment including bulldozers, cranes, and other heavy machinery. Attendees had the opportunity to see new products and innovations in the field, network with industry professionals, and learn about the latest industry trends and developments.
According to the attendees, the expo was well-organized and provided valuable insights into the construction equipment industry. They noted the presence of a large number of exhibitors and attendees, indicating the significance of the event. They were particularly impressed by the latest models of bulldozers and cranes, which featured advanced technology and improved efficiency. The knowledge gained at the expo will be delivered to the students so that they can stay up to date with the latest trends in construction technology. This will help to enhance the quality of education at RPSCET and ensure that students are prepared for careers in the construction industry.
Overall, the Bauma Construction Equipment Expo was a valuable experience for the Assistant Professors from RPSCET. They gained knowledge and insights into the latest advancements in construction equipment and technology that will benefit their work at the institution and provide students with a well-rounded education. .

“Water and Waste Expo” (17 February 2023)

The Water and Waste Expo, organized by IETF, was held from February 16-18, 2023, at Pragati Maidan, Delhi. With over 200 exhibitors, the event brought together professionals from the water and waste management industries to showcase products, innovations, and solutions. Our institution participated on February 17, offering students first-hand experience in wastewater treatment. The expo attracted diverse visitors, including industry professionals, government officials, academics, and students, facilitating valuable networking opportunities. We connected with professionals, potential clients, and gained insights into industry challenges. The expo provided a platform to learn about the latest innovations and solutions, and we look forward to future participation and building on the relationships established at this year's event.


On 24th March 2023, an expert lecture was organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, RPSCET, Balana, Mahendergarh. The topic of the lecture was "Industry Expectations from Freshers" and it was delivered by Prof. (Dr) Vikas Garg, an academician and Director of Trainings and Placement at CUH Mahendergarh.
The lecture began with a brief introduction to the current job scenario in the industry and the challenges faced by freshers in getting jobs. Dr. Garg emphasized the importance of developing relevant skills and knowledge to meet the expectations of the industry. He highlighted the need for students to be proactive in learning and developing practical skills that can be applied in the industry.

Dr. Garg discussed the essential skills that freshers need to possess to be successful in their careers. These skills include technical knowledge, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and teamwork. He stressed the importance of possessing these skills and emphasized that these skills are equally essential as academic qualifications. Further, Dr. Garg explained the role of internships and industrial training in developing practical skills and gaining industry exposure. He urged students to participate in internships and training programs, which would provide them with hands-on experience and make them job ready.

The lecture was followed by a question-and-answer session, during which students asked various queries related to their career prospects and industry expectations. Dr. Garg addressed all the questions and provided valuable insights and suggestions.
In conclusion, the expert lecture on "Industry Expectations from Freshers" by Prof. (Dr) Vikas Garg was informative and insightful. The lecture provided students with valuable insights into the expectations of the industry and the essential skills that they need to possess to succeed in their careers. It was a great learning experience for all the students who attended the lecture.


Introduction: On 29th March 2023, a seminar on "Pavement Maintenance & Rehabilitation" was conducted by Dr. Abhishel Jindal, Assistant Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering, Central University of Haryana. The seminar took place in the Seminar Hall of RPSCET, Balana Mahendergarh. The purpose of the seminar was to provide insights into effective strategies for the maintenance and rehabilitation of pavements.

Presentation Highlights:

  • 1.Dr. Abhishel Jindal began the seminar by introducing the importance of pavement maintenance and rehabilitation in ensuring the longevity and functionality of road infrastructure.
  • 2. He emphasized the need to proactively address pavement distresses such as cracking, rutting, potholes, and surface deterioration to prevent further damage and maintain safety standards.
  • 3. The speaker provided an overview of the various types of pavement distresses and their causes. This included discussing factors like traffic loading, environmental conditions, material quality, and construction practices that contribute to pavement deterioration.
  • 4. The importance of regular pavement inspections and condition surveys was highlighted as a crucial step in identifying distresses and planning appropriate maintenance and rehabilitation strategies.
  • 5. Dr. Jindal elaborated on different maintenance techniques, such as crack sealing, patching, and surface treatments, that can be employed to address specific pavement distresses effectively. He discussed the advantages and limitations of each technique and emphasized the importance of selecting the most suitable method based on the specific pavement condition.
  • 6. The seminar also covered the topic of pavement rehabilitation, focusing on techniques like overlaying, milling, and full-depth reclamation. Dr. Jindal highlighted the significance of considering factors such as pavement structure, traffic volume, and available budget while choosing the appropriate rehabilitation technique.
  • 7. Additionally, the speaker discussed emerging trends in pavement maintenance and rehabilitation, including the use of advanced materials, intelligent transportation systems, and sustainable practices.

Conclusion: Dr. Abhishel Jindal's seminar on Pavement Maintenance & Rehabilitation provided valuable insights into the effective management of road infrastructure. The seminar was well-attended, with participants from the Department of Civil Engineering, the event concluded with a question-and-answer session, allowing attendees to seek clarification on specific topics. The knowledge and insights gained from Dr. Jindal's seminar will undoubtedly contribute to improving the maintenance and rehabilitation practices of pavements in the region, ensuring safer and more durable road networks in the future.

Geological Visit to Dhosi Hills, Narnaul, Haryana (19-November-2022)

On 19th November 2022, a group of Civil Engineering students, accompanied by faculty members, set off on a geological visit to Dhosi Hills in Narnaul, Haryana. The purpose of the visit was to gain practical knowledge about the geological formations and learn about their relevance to civil engineering. The journey started at 10:00 am as the students and faculty members boarded the bus from RPSCET campus in Balana Mahendergarh. The journey to Dhosi Hills took approximately one and half hours, and the participants engaged in lively discussions and exchanged ideas during the trip.
Upon reaching Dhosi Hills, the students were greeted by the serene beauty of the natural landscape. The hills, known for their unique geological features, provided an excellent opportunity for the students to observe and understand various geological formations up close. The faculty members guided the students and explained the significance of each formation in the context of civil engineering.
During the visit, the students had the chance to examine different rock types, including sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks. They observed the layering patterns in the sedimentary rocks and learned about their formation processes over millions of years. The faculty members emphasized the importance of understanding rock properties and their behaviour under different loads and conditions, highlighting their relevance in construction projects.
The group also explored the geological processes that shaped the hills, such as erosion, weathering, and tectonic activities. They examined the effects of these processes on the landscape, including the formation of valleys, cliffs, and caves. The faculty members explained how these natural formations can influence civil engineering projects, such as site selection, foundation design, and slope stability analysis.
Finally, the group departed from Dhosi Hills in the late afternoon, carrying with them a newfound appreciation for the geological aspects of civil engineering. The return journey to RPSCET campus was filled with enthusiastic conversations, as the students shared their observations and experiences from the visit.
In conclusion, the geological visit to Dhosi Hills provided an invaluable learning experience for the Civil Engineering students and faculty members. It allowed them to witness and study various geological formations first-hand, understand their relevance to civil engineering, and gain insights into the practical applications of geological knowledge in construction projects. Such field visits contribute significantly to the holistic education of engineering students, equipping them with the necessary skills and understanding to excel in their future careers.

Survey Camp (21-November 2023 to 26 November 2023)

Introduction: The Department of Civil Engineering at RPSCET, Balana, Mahendergarh organized a survey camp from 21st to 26th November 2023 at Madavgarh Hills (nearby campus of RPSCET). The camp aimed to provide practical exposure to the students of Semester IV Civil Engineering and focused on plane table surveying and contouring of a small hill.

Objective: The primary objective of the survey camp was to enhance the students' understanding and practical skills in the field of surveying. By participating in plane table surveying and contouring activities, the students were able to apply their theoretical knowledge and gain hands-on experience.

Activities:During the survey camp, various activities were conducted to ensure comprehensive learning and practical application. The main activities included:

  • 1.Plane Table Surveying: The students were introduced to the concept and techniques of plane table surveying. They learned how to set up and level the plane table, measure angles and distances, and plot accurate maps using different methods. Practical exercises were carried out to familiarize the students with the equipment and its usage.
  • 2.Contouring of Small Hill: The participants were engaged in contouring the topography of a small hill located in Madavgarh Hills. They learned how to establish the contour lines, determine the elevations, and represent the landforms on a map. This activity enabled them to understand the significance of contouring in civil engineering projects.

Outcomes and Learning:The survey camp proved to be highly beneficial for the participating students. They were able to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting and gain practical skills in surveying. Some of the key outcomes and learning from the camp include:

  • 1. Enhanced Practical Skills: The students developed proficiency in using plane table surveying equipment and techniques. They gained hands-on experience in measuring angles, distances, and plotting accurate maps.
  • 2. Understanding of Contouring: The participants gained a clear understanding of contouring and its significance in civil engineering projects. They learned how to interpret contour maps and identify landforms based on contour lines.
  • 3. Teamwork and Collaboration: The survey camp provided an opportunity for students to work in teams and collaborate effectively. They learned the importance of coordination and communication in achieving accurate surveying results..

communication in achieving accurate surveying results. The survey camp at Madavgarh Hills proved to be a successful endeavour in enhancing the practical skills and knowledge of the students of Semester IV Civil Engineering. The participants gained valuable experience in plane table surveying and contouring, which will contribute to their overall understanding of surveying in civil engineering.